Before you can download and deploy the Infoblox provider package ( for integration with VMware Aria Automation from either the Infoblox website or from the VMware Marketplace, you must add required extensibility attributes in Infoblox.

This procedure is applicable if you are creating an external IPAM integration point for Infoblox integration with Automation Assembler.

Before you can use the download, you must log in to your Infoblox account, using your organization account administrator credentials, and pre-create the following Infoblox extensible attributes:
  • VMware NIC index
  • VMware resource ID



  1. Log in to your Infoblox account using administrator credentials.
    These are the same administrator user name and password credentials that you specify when you create an external IPAM integration point in Automation Assembler using the Infrastructure > Connections > Integrations > menu sequence.
  2. Use the procedure described in the Infoblox documentation to create the following required extensible attributes in your Infoblox application.
    • VMware NIC index - type Integer
    • VMware resource ID - type String

    The procedure is described in the Adding Extensible Attributes section of the Infoblox documentation topic About Extensible Attributes. Also see Managing Extensible Attributes.

What to do next

After you add the required attributes, you can resume the process of downloading and deploying the Infloblox package as described in Download and deploy an external IPAM provider package for use in VMware Aria Automation.