A flavor mapping groups a set of target deployment sizings for a specific cloud account/region in VMware Aria Automation using natural language naming.

Flavor mapping lets you create a named mapping that contains similar flavor sizings across your account regions. For example, a flavor map named standard_small might contain a similar flavor sizing (such as 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM) for some or all available account/regions in your project. When you build a cloud template, you pick an available flavor that fits your needs.

Organize flavor mappings for your project by deployment intent.

To simplify cloud template creation, you can select a pre-configuration option when you add a new cloud account. When you select the pre-configuration option, your organization's most popular flavor mapping and image mapping for the specified region are selected.

With regard to image mapping in cloud templates that contain vSphere resources, if there are no flavor mappings defined for a vSphere cloud zone, you can configure unlimited memory and CPU by using vSphere-specific settings in the cloud template. If there are flavor mappings defined for a vSphere cloud zone, the flavor mapping serves as a limit for vSphere-specific configurations in the cloud template.

You can specify a maximum number of vCPUs per socket in your flavor mappings. During compute allocation, this specification addresses the coreCount property in a VMware Aria Automation cloud template and when provisioning the deployment.

flavor mapping page with CPU count shown as described in text