You can configure your Automation Assembler project to use an on-premises FaaS provider for your extensibility actions.

Using an on-premises FaaS provider for your extensibility actions provides several benefits:

  • Enables the use of on-premises services such as LDAP, CMDB, and vCenter data centers as part of Automation Assembler Extensibility.
  • Enables the implementation of cross-cloud extensibility action flows. For example, you can create action flows that use Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services based extensibility actions alongside on-premises based extensibility actions.

The configuration of the on-premises integration requires the use of a cloud extensibility proxy. A non-cloud extensibility cloud proxy cannot be used when configuring the on-premises integration. You also cannot use a cloud extensibility proxy to configure a non on-premises extensibility action or Automation Orchestrator integration. For example, a cloud proxy created for the Automation Assembler integration of services such as Ansible or Puppet cannot be used for the on-premises extensibility action integration.


Verify that you have cloud administrator credentials. See What are the VMware Aria Automation user roles.


  1. Configure the on-premises extensibility action integration.
    1. Select Infrastructure > Connections > Integrations.
    2. Click Add Integration and select Extensibility Actions On Prem.
    3. Create a cloud extensibility proxy or add an existing cloud extensibility proxy. See Download and deploy a cloud extensibility proxy.
    4. Click Validate.
    5. Enter a name for the integration.
    6. Add capability tags. See Using capability tags in Automation Assembler.
    7. Click Add.
  2. Add the capability tags of the on-premises integration to your project as project constraints.
    1. Select Infrastructure > Administration > Projects.
    2. Select your extensibility project and click the Provisioning tab.
    3. Enter the capability tags of your on-premises integration as soft or hard project constraints in the Extensibility constraints text box. See Using Automation Assembler project tags and custom properties.
    4. Click Save.


Extensibility subscriptions provisioned by your project can now use on-premises as the FaaS provider for your extensibility actions. See Configure on-premises extensibility actions.