You can add external Kubernetes clusters, not associated with a PKS instance, to Automation Assembler for use in deployments.

An external Kubernetes cluster is one that is not associated with a PKS instance.

As an alternative to the procedure herein, you can also add external clusters using the Automation Assembler API. See Add an external Kubernetes cluster using the Cloud Assembly API.

The following procedure describes how to add an external cluster from the Cloud Assembly user interface.


  1. In Automation Assembler, select Infrastructure > Resources > Kubernetes and click Add External.
    The Add External Cluster page appears.
  2. Type a name and description for the cluster.
  3. Select a Sharing configuration for the cluster. Global cluster are available for all cloud templates. If you choose Project, the cluster is available only for the project that you select.
  4. Enter the address for the cluster and select whether it is located on a public or private cloud.
    If you select Private Cloud, you must configure a cloud proxy for the cluster.

What to do next

Add the cluster to a Kubernetes zone.