Automation Orchestrator 8.x REST API Guide provides information about developing a Web services client for VMware® Automation Orchestrator with the REST API.

Automation Orchestrator provides a Web services API that is based on a representational state transfer (REST) API. The Automation Orchestrator REST API exposes the objects in the Automation Orchestrator inventory and the inventories of the installed plug-ins as resources that you can access at predefined URLs. HTTP requests at these URLs result in triggering operations over workflows. The Automation Orchestrator REST API exposes inventory objects as resources through a set of RESTful Web services that you can use to retrieve the definitions of workflows, run workflows, check the status of the running workflows, cancel workflow runs, process waiting user interactions, retrieve the input form schema of workflows, and so on.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for Web application developers who want to access the Automation Orchestrator processes across a network, through the RESTful Web service.