You must set up an administrative user in the VMware Aria Automation. The VMware Aria Automation Plug-in connects to the VMware Aria Automation using the credentials of this user.

This user must have these roles in the VMware Aria Automation on-premises version, but does not require a role in ServiceNow:

  • Organization Member

  • Project Member

  • Service Broker User

  • Assembler Administrator

To assign these roles, see VMware Aria Automation documentation.

  • All catalog item requests from ServiceNow are serviced by this user in the VMware Aria Automation. In the VMware Aria Automation, the requests and corresponding deployments display this user as the owner. However, in the ServiceNow, requests, and corresponding deployments display the ServiceNow user who initiated the request. This is achieved by correlating the email address from the user records across two systems.

  • You must add the integration user to each project as a project admin to use the project in VMware Aria Automation Plug-in.