VMware Aria Hub Subscription | August 2023

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Pre-Aria rebrand release notes

Following the Aria rebrand, all VMware vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager (now VMware Aria Hub Subscription) release note information is archived. You can find the archive here.

What's New in August 2023

VMware Cloud on AWS: Advanced: Aria Universal Suite services are now available to VMC on AWS customers as part of VMware Cloud on AWS: Advanced edition. This release is available for both VMware and AWS Resell customers. VMC on AWS customers can now accelerate the cloud adoption by combining capabilities for Automation, Operations and Log Analytics.

What's New in June 2023

Onboarding different metrics in the same organization: Aria Universal Suite customers who have expanded their subscriptions with the new ‘core’ unit of measure can now onboard it to the same organization where they have their existing ‘cpu’ based subscriptions. The consumption dashboard will reflect the total entitlement in ‘core’ which will be calculated using a factor of 32 ‘core’ per ‘cpu’. Customers must be migrated to our new SSCP platform before this feature can be used.

Intra edition upgrades available for Aria Universal Suite: Aria Universal Suite is now available for intra edition upgrades. Existing Aria Universal Suite subscriptions can be upgraded to higher editions on the same subscription without the need for cancellation and re-booking.

What's New in April 2023

Aria rebranding: The April 2023 release includes the new Aria product name rebrand done to align with VMware's updated branding. All vRealize product names, including vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager (now VMware Aria Hub Subscription), are updated with the new Aria branding.

VMware Aria Universal Suite and VMware Aria Guardrails package General Availability: The VMware Aria Universal Suite (formerly vRealize Cloud Universal) and VMware Aria Guardrails (formerly vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrails) bundle offerings are now available for onboarding and activation through VMware Aria Hub Subscription. VMware Aria Universal Suite and VMware Aria Guardrails offerings are currently only available for Sales Led transactions.

VMware Aria Automation unified parent tile for Aria Universal Suite customers: The VMware Aria Hub Subscription service now activates the VMware Aria Automation unified parent tile as part of every VMware Aria Universal Suite subscription. This is an effort to ensure that VMware Aria Automation under VMware Aria Universal Suite gets the same unified experience that is available for standalone purchases.

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