The Management Pack for VMware Aria Operations for Application relies on data that is collected by the Kubernetes Integration and sent into VMware Aria Operations for Applications. Follow the steps in this section to validate that the Kubernetes Integration is configured correctly.


Install the Kubernetes Integration using one of the options on the Kubernetes Integration Home Page. Configure the integration to send data to the VMware Aria Operations for Applications instance that you plan to monitor with this Management Pack.


  1. After the Kubernetes Integration is set up, log in to VMware Aria Operations for Applications
  2. At the top of the page, expand Dashboards and select "Create Chart"
  3. In the query's Data section, expand the Select button and choose Integrations, Kubernetes, node,
  4. Hover over the metric chart. You should see all of the nodes collected by the Kubernetes Integration.


Example chart with 6 nodes coming from the Kubernetes Integration

Figure 1.