This management pack provides a single pane view of all the NSX Advanced Load Balancer objects, their metrics, and properties. You can monitor and troubleshoot resource objects deployed across multiple NSX Advanced Load Balancer instances.

Intended Audience

The information in this guide is intended for IT operations and security personnel who set up and support the VMware Aria Operations infrastructure.


VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for NSX Advanced Load Balancer provides end-to-end visibility of the infrastructure and effective monitoring of the supported objects. While the NSX Advanced Load Balancer application uses next generation architecture, delivering application services beyond load balancing, such as application analytics, predictive autoscaling, micro-segmentation, and self-service for app owners in both on-premises or cloud environments, VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for NSX Advanced Load Balancer allows you to intelligently monitor and troubleshoot NSX Advanced Load Balancer instances and its entities for smooth operations management.

Here are some notable features of this management pack:

  • End-to-end visibility of load balanced resources across geographies, spread across both on-premises or cloud environments.
  • Single pane view of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer objects such as, controllers, tenants, clouds, virtual services, pools, servers, service engines, service engine groups, and network, and their metrics, and properties.
  • Continuous monitoring of the resource objects deployed in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer. This leads to effective and prompt troubleshooting.
  • One-stop view of the availability and health of the supported objects from dashboards and alerts.
  • Visualization of object relationships helps to troubleshoot issues by leveraging hierarchical insights using metrics, properties, and health score analytics.
  • Unified alert reporting across multiple instances of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.