You can use the dashboards to view the management pack contents.

Access the Dashboards

  1. To access the dashboards, from the main menu of VMware Aria Operations, click Dashboards.

  2. From the dashboard list, select the required Datadog Application Troubleshooting dashboard.

The Datadog Environment dashboard provides an overview of the discovered Datadog resources (Environments, Services and Hosts). It displays the topology of a selected object, how it connects to other resources, and a view of the resource properties and collected metrics.

The dashboard displays several widgets:



Object List

Displays the list of Datadog objects that are being monitored. When you select an object host in this widget, the other widgets in the Datadog dashboard display data for the selected resource.

Object Relationship (Advanced)

Displays a top-level view of the selected environment and the following key components - Datadog Adapter,Instance, Datadog Environments, Datadog Services, Datadog Hosts, Other related vROps resources (vCenter virtual machines, Amazon EC2 Instances, Azure Virtual Machines, Universes)

Properties List

Displays all the properties for the selected object

Metric Picker

Displays all the available metrics and properties for the selected object

Metric Chart

Displays graphical representation of the metrics selected in the Explore all Metrics widget.