You can configure adapter instances and add the VMware Aria Operations instances you want to monitor.


  • Verify that you have installed Aggregator Management Pack.


  1. On the menu, click Administration and in the left pane, click Solutions > Other Accounts.
  2. Under Other Accounts, click Add Account.
  3. On the Accounts Type page, click the Aggregator Adapter.
  4. Enter the display name of the adapter.
  5. Enter the source VMware Aria Operations host name or IP address.
    Note: You can either use the host name of IP address of the primary node of your child VMware Aria Operations deployment or use the Load Balancer Virtual IP or DNS Name. Use a short name and do not use FQDN.
  6. Enter the federation_config in the Configuration File Name.
    federation_config is the default configuration file shipped with the management pack. For more information, see Configuration File in the Aggregator Management Pack.
  7. Enter the Credential details.
  8. Optionally, configure the Advance Settings.
    • By default, the setting Append 'vROps Host' to Resource name is set to True. This setting appends the child VMware Aria Operations IP name to the resource name. When the setting Append 'vROps Host' to Resource name is set to False, the suffix will not be appended to the resource name.
    • By default, the child VMware Aria Operations Port is set to 443. The child VMware Aria Operations is also used by the Aggregator adapter to retrieve resources and data.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Repeat the steps from step 1 through step 8 for multiple instances of VMware Aria Operations.
  11. You can view the collection status of all the multiple instances of VMware Aria Operations under the solution page.