VMware vSphere© with VMware Tanzu™ is a platform for running containerized applications in vSphere. vSphere administrators enable vSphere with Tanzu on vSphere clusters to create a developer-ready platform where DevOps engineers and application developers can run Kubernetes applications in a self-service manner.

vSphere clusters enabled with vSphere with Tanzu are called Supervisors. vSphere administrators can create namespaces on the Supervisor, called vSphere Namespaces, and configure them with a certain amount of memory, CPU, and storage. DevOps engineers and application developers can then run Kubernetes containers within the vSphere Namespaces by deploying vSphere Pods, VMs, or by creating upstream Kubernetes clusters through VMware Tanzu™ Kubernetes Grid™ and run your applications inside these clusters.

The vCenter integration in VMware Aria Operations can discover and monitor the vSphere with Tanzu constructs. The VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for Kubernetes can be used in addition to monitor pods and containers deployed in the Guest Clusters. Monitoring via cAdvisor and Prometheus is supported with this integration.