Prior to configuring the Management Pack for Dell EMC VNX Block in VMware Aria Operations, ensure the following pre-configuration tasks are completed for your VNX Block File or Block storage system:

  • VNX Block File: Enable SSH on your VNX Block Control Station.

  • VNX Block Block: Install the NaviSecCLI Utility

Install the NaviSecCLI Utility


Log in to EMC’s support web site at, then search to find the latest Navisphere CLI utility download for Linux 64-bit.


In your search parameters, search by “NaviCLI” and set the Scope by resource option to “Support Tools”.

Linux-based systems: Download and install the rpm file

  1. SSH into the VMware Aria Operations node.

  2. Download the .rpm file directly to the VMware Aria Operations node using the following command: curl --user [email address]:[password] -O -L [rpm file URL]


    The [rpm file URL] can be copied by right-clicking on the “Navisphere CLI [version] for Linux x64” link. Be sure to remove any characters in the hyperlink following “.rpm”

  3. Install the package using the following command:

    rpm -ivh *.rpm


    Replace * with the name of the downloaded .rpm file.

  4. After installation, run the following command to set the security level (to either low or medium): /opt/Navisphere/bin/


    When configuring your adapter instance for VNX Block Block, copy the path to NaviSecCLI that is installed on your VMware Aria Operations node into the Naviseccli Path field under Advanced Settings. See: Creating an Adapter Instance for more information.