The VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for NetApp SolidFire is an embedded adapter for VMware Aria Operations, collecting performance, health, and availability data from your NetApp SolidFire environment and providing predictive analytics and real-time monitoring information—all within the VMware Aria Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack for NetApp SolidFire provides the following notable features:

  • Comprehensive monitoring dashboards:

    • NetApp Cluster Overview– Monitor the day-to-day health, performance, and capacity of your clusters with at-a-glance health status indicators, aggregated performance and storage stats, and related host system KPIs

    • NetApp Health Investigation– Quickly troubleshoot alerts for any resource in your NetApp SolidFire environment, including hardware

    • NetApp Volume Overview– Drill down into the utilization, capacity, and performance details of your volumes and related datastores

    • NetApp VVOL Overview– Explore utilization, capacity, and performance details for your VVOLs and related virtual machines

  • Nearly 200 collected metrics, including efficiency metrics like compression, thin provisioning, and deduplication factors; capacity metrics such as max provisioned/used space; and performance metrics like average throughput, IOPs, and latency

  • Detailed notification eventsimported to VMware Aria Operations from the SolidFire Element OS API

  • NetApp Nodes Report – Compare sizing and review status and configuration details for your compute/storage nodes

  • VMware Aria Operations CalculatedCapacities– Predict when your NetApp SolidFire clusters, volumes, or VVOLs need scaling

  • Automatically-discovered relationships to the VMware virtuallayer– Enable faster troubleshooting with visibility into theESXi hosts related to your compute nodes, datastores related to your volumes, and virtual machines related to your VVOLs

How the Management Pack Works

The Management Pack for NetApp SolidFire accesses the SolidFire Element OSAPI to import NetApp SolidFire storage-related resources, relationships, metrics, and alerts into VMware Aria Operations, enabling comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting, while providing visibility into the virtual layer within VMware Aria Operations.


Compute resources and data are not available directly through the SolidFire Element OS API or NetApp API Services (data collection is limited to storage only). The management pack connects to ESXi Hosts for compute node data.

Getting Started

Wondering where to start? See System Requirements for details.