To create a least-privileged user (LPU) for the management pack, you must assign a Pure Storage Directory Services user the read-only role within the Pure Management Console to be used as your management pack credentials.


  • Directory Services for your Pure Storage FlashArray must be configured and enabled.


  1. From the Pure Management console, navigate to System > Configuration > Directory Services, then click the Edit button.
  2. Ensure that the Group Base and Read Only Group fields are filled out as follows:
    1. Group Base: Enter the Organizational Unit (OU) path to the groups configured in Active Directory (case-sensitive, no quotations).

    2. Read Only Group: Enter the user group with read-only privileges on the FlashArray.

  3. Click Save



For additional Directory Service instructions, see the following Pure1 knowledge article (login required): Directory Services Setup and Configuration.

What to do next

Installing and Configuring the Management Pack