To further customize how your Management Pack dashboards are displayed, the following tags (containers) are currently available for filtering:

  • Nimble vCenter Servers – VMWare vCenter that contains Nimble volumes

  • Nimble Volume VMs – VMWare virtual machines related to Nimble volumes

  • Nimble Volumes Datastores – VMWare datastores related to Nimble volumes

  • Nimble Groups – All Nimble group resource kinds

  • Nimble Volume Collections – All Nimble volume collection resource kinds

To select a tag, perform the following steps:


Depending on the dashboard or version of VMware Aria Operations you are using, the steps for selecting a tag may vary slightly.

  1. Click the Content navigation shortcut.

  2. Select Dashboards from the navigation pane.

  3. Select the dashboard you want to filter, then click Edit .

  4. Select Edit Widget for the specific dashboard widget you want to filter.

  5. In the dialog that appears, under Select which tags to filter, expand the Nimble Storage option and select the desired tag(s).

  6. To save your configuration and exit the Edit window, click Save.


    If selecting multiple configurations, you can save each one without exiting the Edit window by clickingSave Configuration.