The VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStackguide provides the process of deploying a working instance of Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack within your vCenter environment. It also describes the prerequisites for OpenStack, plug-in installation and configuration, and how to work in the Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack environment.

The Management Pack for VMware Integrated OpenStack extends the operational management capabilities of the VMware Aria Operations platform to provide operational control of VMware Integrated OpenStack environments.

This management pack is intended for administrators who are operating an OpenStack cloud. It includes the following key features:

  • Performance and availability monitoring of the VMware Integrated OpenStack infrastructure and services.
  • Pre-defined dashboards for:
    • Cloud Controllers Health
    • Compute Infrastructure
    • vCenter Storage Infrastructure
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Projects Inventory, Health and Quota usage
  • Visibility into cloud resources running on VMware ESXi.
  • Advanced performance and capacity analytics for VMware Integrated OpenStack inventory running on any VMware ESXi and NSX technologies.
  • Pre-defined alerts for several common VMware Integrated OpenStack operational problems.
  • Report templates for the following objects.
    • OpenStack Project Inventory
    • OpenStack Infrastructure Capacity
    • OpenStack Alerts

Intended Audience

This information is intended for any network engineer, network administrator, network manager, or network operations manager who is involved with the daily operations related to deployment, configuration, change management, troubleshooting, and capacity management of OpenStack networking technologies. In addition, it is intended for any cloud operations manager, cloud infrastructure manager, or virtual administrator who has operation responsibility for troubleshooting virtual infrastructure problems, and within this infrastructure OpenStack has been deployed.