Dashboards are the primary feature for monitoring and troubleshooting HPE ProLiant data problems from within VMware Aria Operations.

The following dashboards are included in the Management Pack for HPE ProLiant :

  • HPE Overview provides at-a-glance heatmap views depicting the overall health of your HP Server resources (enclosures, racks, chassis, power supplies, blades, fans, network adapters, etc.).

  • HPE Health Investigation allows you to view health status, top alerts, and key performance Metrics (KPIs) for a selected resource in your HPE Servers environment.

  • HPE Enclosure Overview displays an overview of the KPIs for your HPE enclosure(s) and its child resources, all in one view.

  • HPE Blade Overview allows you to select a blade to view its health, status, properties, relationships, and alerts, as well as port status and properties.

  • HPE Rack Server Overview allows you to select a rack server to view its health, status, properties, power, child resources (fans, network adapters, ports, etc.), relationships, and alerts. NB: Depending on your server configuration, some dashboards may not display data if those resource kinds are not present in your environment.

  • HPE Hosted ESXi Hosts allows you to select an ESXi Host to view its properties, relationships, and KPIs, as well as its host HPE Server and related KPIs.

  • HPE Hosted VMs allows you to select a virtual machine to view its KPIs and relationships, parent ESXi host and its KPIs,and HPE Server and its KPIs.


To filter by VMs and Hosts within the dashboards, see: Tags