The VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices Guide describes how to install and configure the Management Pack for Storage Devices for VMware Aria Operations.

The Management Pack for Storage Devices provides you with a complete view of your storage devices, from your host, through your storage network, and out to the storage array. With this management pack, you can use VMware Aria Operations to monitor and troubleshoot capacity and performance problems on different components of your storage area network.

The Management Pack for Storage Devices has the following features:

  • Provides a view of statistics and events at most affected level of the storage area network.
  • Enables a vSphere administrator working with a virtual environment to isolate problems caused by elements in the physical storage stack, such as the Host Bus Adapter (HBA), storage switches, and array. The vSphere administrator uses this information to hand off the problem to the domain administrator for further analysis.
  • Captures and analyzes information for throughput and latency on the HBA.
  • Captures IOPS and queue depth at the HBA and switch ports for read and write components.
  • Discovers the storage switches. It uses the Common Information Model (CIM) to exchange information with objects managed by the following management systems:
    • Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)
    • Brocade Network Advisor (BNA)

Intended Audience

The information in this guide is intended for storage administrators, data center architects, and IT operators.