You configured the adapter instances of the Management Pack for Storage Devices with credentials for a vCenter Server and a Fabric CIM Server. Now you can verify if your adapter instances are retrieving storage specific objects from the vCenter and Fabric servers.

To view the object types, in the menu of the VMware Aria Operations user interface, click Administration > Configure > Inventory Explorer > Storage Device Adapter Instances > <User_Created_Instance>.

Table 1. Object Types that the Management Pack for Storage DevicesDiscovers
Object Type Description
Active Zone Set A collection of all active zones in the storage network.

In the Brocade storage network, fabric is a collection of interconnected switches. There is typically a one-to-one relationship between the fabric and the SAN.

In the Cisco storage network, fabric is a virtual SAN which is collection of one or more logical switches. There is typically a one-to-many relationship between the SAN and the fabric.

Fabric CIM Server CIM server that manages the switches. It provides the username, password and URL information that the Management Pack for Storage Devices uses to discover storage network objects such as fabric, switches, and switch ports.
Host System The Fibre Channel (FC) or Fibre channel over Ethernet (FcoE) host adapters in the host system. Discovers the HBA as a lightweight object under Host System.
Logical Switch A logical switch abstraction for the Cisco storage network. It is a collection of one or more switch ports that are accessible to one other.
Local Disks Local disks on the ESXi hosts.
NFS Share A folder that has been shared over the NFS Server.
NAS Servers NFS servers registered with vCenter via VASA and shared over the NAS server.
Storage Array The storage array registered to the VASA provider in the vCenter for the adapter instance.
Storage Devices Instance The Management Pack for Storage Devices instance.
Storage LUN The storage LUN of a storage array.
Storage Controller The storage controller on the storage array.
Switch The switch on the storage network that connects the host to the storage array. Discovers the switch ports as lightweight objects under Switch.
Zone A collection of target ports or host adapters in the storage network. Discovers the zone members as lightweight objects under Zone.


  1. In the menu of VMware Aria Operations, click Administration, click Configure, and then and click Inventory Explorer.
  2. In the list of tags, expand Adapter Instances and expand Storage Devices Adapter Instance.
  3. Select the adapter instance name to display the list of objects discovered by your adapter instance.
  4. Slide the display bar to the right to view the object status.
    Object Status Description
    Collection State If green, the object is connected.
    Collection Status If green, the adapter is retrieving data from the object.
  5. Deselect the adapter instance name and expand the Object Types tag.
    Each Object Type name appears with the number of objects of that type in your environment.
  6. Verify that you have at least one object in each of the network areas that the Management Pack for Storage Devices discovers.

What to do next

If objects are missing or not transmitting data, you might need to investigate further.

  • If an object is not connected or not transmitting data, search for the object and check for related alerts.
  • If the adapter does not discover at least one object on the host system, in the storage network, and in the storage array, verify that your environment is configured properly. Common configuration problems such as invalid credentials, Fabric CIM servers not reachable, or VASA providers not registered in the vCenter Server instance are raised as alerts for the Management Pack for Storage Devices instance.