You can monitor the following services associated with VMware Aria Automation with the SDDC Health Monitoring Solution.


By default, the SDDC Management Pack actively monitors all VMware Aria Automation services. However, if there are any specific VMware Aria Automation services that you do not want to be monitored, you can add their names to the file under the key CAS_SERVICE_TO_IGNORE similar to this example CAS_SERVICE_TO_IGNORE = endpoints, ebs, kube-dns.

Please note that the file is located at the following path: /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/plugins/inbound/SDDCHealthAdapter3/conf/ If you alter this file, ensure you carefully make the required changes. The SDDC health management pack should continue operating after editing the file without restarting it.


If the VMware Aria Automation is attached to the load balancer, enable port forwarding to monitor Automation services with SDDC Health Monitoring Solution Management Pack. Refer to Knowledge Base for more details. Ignore these steps if the VMware Aria Automation is a standalone node deployment.

Table 1. VMware Aria Automation Services


List of Automation services:

  • ingress-ctl

  • kube-dns

  • etcd-service

  • health-reporting-service

  • kube-apiserver

  • kube-controller-manager

  • kube-flannel-ds

  • kube-proxy

  • kube-scheduler

  • kubelet-rubber-stamp

  • predictable-pod-scheduler

  • tiller-deploy

  • openfaas

  • abx-service

  • approval-service

  • assessment-service

  • ui

  • catalog-service

  • cgs-service

  • cmx-service

  • codestream

  • docker-registry

  • ebs

  • form-service

  • hcmp-service

  • identity-service

  • migration-service

  • no-license

  • postgres

  • project-service

  • provisioning-service

  • proxy-service

  • rabbitmq-ha

  • relocation-service

  • tango-blueprint-service

  • tango-vro

  • terraform-service

  • user-profile-service

  • vco

  • adapter-host-service

  • endpoints

  • lemans-resources

  • lemans-gateway

  • private-cloud-gateway