The VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for Apache Hadoop is an embedded adapter for VMware Aria Operations , collecting performance and capacity data from your Apache Hadoop environment and providing predictive analytics and real-time information about problems in your infrastructure—all within the VMware Aria Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack for Apache Hadoop provides the following notable features:

  • Comprehensive monitoring dashboards:

    • Apache Hadoop Overview

    • Apache Hadoop Health Investigation

    • Apache Hadoop HDFS Overview

    • Apache Hadoop YARN Overview

    • Apache Hadoop Node Deep Dive

    • VM to Apache Hadoop Node

  • 400+ collected metrics including key performance metrics such as system CPU load, used physical memory, JVM performance, and node capacity used

  • 25 total views—and 7 corresponding reports— regarding Apache Hadoop HDFS capacity and health, YARN utilization and health, OS and Java configuration, and much more

  • External relationships to VMware, KVM, and Nutanix virtual machines

  • Disk and OS memory capacity planning for Apache Hadoop nodes using VMware Aria Operations Analysis Badges

  • Automatic resource pruning option for Apache Hadoop nodes that have been determined unreachable

  • Detailed alerts, symptoms, and recommendations for issues requiring immediate attention