The Management Pack for Citrix ADC creates views that allow the user to view statistics of metrics for Citrix ADC resources. The views help give a broad picture of the entire system, as opposed to a more in depth view.

The following views are available in the Management Pack:

  • Citrix ADC Appliance Health

  • Citrix ADC Appliance KPIs

  • Citrix ADC Appliance Throughput

  • Citrix ADC Service Health

  • Citrix ADC Service KPIs

  • Citrix ADC Target Server Health

  • Citrix ADC Virtual Server Health

  • Citrix ADC Virtual Server KPIs

  • Citrix ADC Virtual Server Throughput

To access the Management Pack views:

  1. Navigate to Environment > All Objects > Citrix ADC Adapter.

  2. Double-click on the desired object (resource).

  3. Select the Details tab, then Views.

The available views for that resource are listed and can be selected.