Dashboards are the primary feature for monitoring and troubleshooting IBM PowerVC data problems from within VMware Aria Operations.

The following dashboards are included in this Management Pack:

  • IBM PowerVC Health Investigation provides a jumping off-point for troubleshooting your IBM PowerVC environment. Select a resource from the Environment widget to populate its relationships, alerts, and metrics.

  • IBM PowerVC Host Troubleshooting is the primary jumping-off point for troubleshooting specific hosts. Simply select a host from the Host widget to populate relevant data about it including its relationships, and breakdowns of VM Memory and vCPU usage to more easily identify outliers in your environment. In addition, each Host has a Scoreboard widget that reflects important facts about its state.

  • IBM PowerVC Overview provides an at-a-glance view of the overall health of your PowerVC environment, color coded and broken down by Resource Kind.

  • IBM PowerVC VM Troubleshooting allows you to individually select a VM to immediately see a breakdown of its relationships, the system it's on, the other VMs on that system, and a scoreboard reflecting critical information about it.