The VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for Oracle Database is an embedded adapter for VMware Aria Operations, collecting performance and capacity data from your Oracle Database environment and providing predictive analytics and real-time information about problems in your infrastructure—all within the VMware Aria Operations user interface.

Notable Features

The Management Pack for Oracle Database provides the following notable features:

  • 7 comprehensive Oracle Database monitoring dashboards, including:

    • Oracle IOPS

    • Oracle Queries

    • Oracle Tablespace

  • Key performance metrics such as I/O Throughput, Average I/O Time, Row Cache Hit Ratio, and Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

  • Out-of-the-box reports for Oracle Database Health, Tablespace, Instance Session Capacity, and more

  • Relationship mapping between Oracle Database and the virtual layer

  • Detailed alerts and recommendations to help keep you on top of issues

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System Requirements