When upgrading to a newer version of the Management Pack, we recommend the following tasks:

  • Delete existing SAP dashboards

  • Adjust SSL Configuration setting (HTTP users)

Delete existing SAP dashboards

If you do not remove the dashboards from a previous version of the Management Pack before installing the new version, you will see duplicate SAP dashboards in the Dashboard List drop-down menu after upgrading.

To remove existing Management Pack dashboards:

  1. Navigate to Content > Dashboards.

  2. Multi-select all SAP dashboards.

  3. Click Delete Dashboard.

  4. Click Yes when the confirmation dialog box appears to delete the selected dashboards.

Adjust SSL Configuration setting (HTTP users)


IMPORTANT: An upgrade from the previous release of this Management Pack will cause any adapter instances previously using HTTP to fail.

Background: In the previous release, the user could specify HTTP (default) or HTTPS using the Protocol configuration setting.

Change for this release: The Protocol setting was replaced with the SSL Configuration setting (possible values = Verify (default), No Verify, or No SSL). Because of this change, any existing adapter instance previously set to HTTP will fail when upgrading.

Required action: After upgrading, you must manually specify No SSL as the value for the SSL Configuration setting in the Manage Solution window.