Integrations in VMware Aria Operations provide an extensible capability for expanding the monitoring, troubleshooting, and restoring the functionality of your SDDC and other third-party solutions. Administrators can install and configure management packs in a VMware Aria Operations instance.

Core VMware Aria Operations provides an insight into the virtual layer of your data centers. This flexibility and customization allows you to bring in data from different VMware systems and environments and see the performance, scalability, redundancy, and efficiency of your stack. To see the vertical in that stack you can use management packs.

The virtual layer of operations lies on a physical layer of computing, storage, and networking. Management packs allow you to merge the two layers to understand the performance, capacity, and efficiency of the physical components of your data center and how that impacts your virtual layer. It provides visibility to see current and future bottlenecks that may impact your ability to serve your customers and fulfill their data center needs.

You can use management packs to relate the physical and application layer objects to the virtual components. This helps you prioritize visualization and alerts and view your environment in a holistic way. Installing management packs in VMware Aria Operations enables you to have a logical and structured view of your environment where you can find data with ease. This allows for capacity planning, crisis management, cost calculations, and root cause analysis.