You can troubleshoot Management Pack configuration issues like, connection errors, data collection errors, certificate errors and other issues which occur while using VMware Aria Operations.

Error When Validating Connection

When you try to validate a connection between VMware Aria Operations Cloud and the Management Pack, an error message is displayed.


  1. Ensure port 443 is open between the collector and vCenter using telnet.

  2. Ensure permissions are adequate. Use administrator@vsphere.local to rule out permission issues.

  3. Check collector.log file for test connection failures.

  4. Use openssl s_client -connect to check whether the certificate is OK on vCenter.

Test Connection Works but Collection Never Starts

You might notice that the test connection works but the Management Pack fails to collect the data.

Solution: Check the Management Pack logs for errors related to user permissions or vCenter session errors. Sometimes network or vCenter itself can have issues which prevents the Management Pack from starting.

Test Connection Fails due to Multiple Certificates

You might observe that the test connection fails if there are multiple certificates.

Solution: Check for wild card certificates in Administration > Certificates page as VMware Aria Operations Cloud will use these certificates as default.

Data Collection is Inconsistent

You might observe that the Management Pack starts data collection, but the collected data is inconsistent. The data collection starts, but the collected data is inconsistent. Confirm whether this happens to all vCenter instances or just one instance. If the issue occurs on all vCenter instances, the problem is with VMware Aria Operations Cloud or network.

If the issue occurs only on one vCenter instance, check the following.


  1. Check vCenter query time at Management Pack level.

  2. Check Tag query time to ensure tags are not causing delay.

  3. Check Management Pack logs for hints as to why the collection might be slow.

  4. Confirm latency between VC > RC > VMware Aria Operations Cloud is within supported limits.

  5. Confirm vCenter itself is sized correctly and /var/log/vmware/vapi has no heap dumps on vCenter. Missing metrics.

  6. Check the policy and ensure that the metric is enabled.

  7. If looking for instanced metrics, ensure instanced is set to enabled for the metric in the policy.

  8. Confirm advanced setting in the Management Pack has not disabled any collection type.

  9. Ensure user has permissions.

  10. Check vCenter MOB and confirm that the metric is available.