You must verify that all restored VMware Aria Operations for Logs clusters are fully functional.


Confirm that the backup and restoration process is finished before verifying node and cluster configurations.


  1. Log in to VMware Aria Operations for Logs using the internal load balancer (ILB) IP address or the FQDN (if configured).
  2. Expand the main menu and navigate to Management > Cluster.
  3. Verify the following:
    1. Verify that you can access all individual cluster nodes using the respective IP addresses or FQDNs.
    2. Verify the status of cluster nodes from the cluster page and ensure that the ILB, if configured, is also in an active state.
    3. Verify the vSphere integration. If necessary, reconfigure the integration. Reconfiguration is required when the ILB or the primary node IP address or FQDN is changed post-recovery.
    4. Verify the VMware Aria Operations integration and reconfigure again if needed.
    5. Verify that all content packs and UI features are functioning properly.
    6. Verify that VMware Aria Operations for Logs forwarders and agents are functioning properly, if configured.
  4. Verify that other key features of VMware Aria Operations for Logs are functioning as expected.

What to do next

Make any necessary adjustments to your backup and recovery plan to address any issues that may have been identified during your backup, restoration, and verification operations.