You backup agents by backing up installation and configuration information on the server side. A separate backup of the agent node is not required.

Agents are typically installed on Linux or Windows systems that also used for some other application or service and might be included in existing backup procedures. A full file-level or block-level backup of the machine that includes the entire agent installation and its configuration is sufficient for recovery. Agents support both local and server-provided configuration.

If the agent is configured entirely from the VMware Aria Operations for Logs server, without any local change to the liagent.ini configuration file, you can avoid creating a backup of the agent installation at all. Instead, perform a fresh installation of the agent and retrieve the server backup.

If the agent has a custom local configuration, backup the liagent.ini file and restore it along with a fresh installation of the agent. If you use the agent nodes for more than installing the agent software and if these nodes need a full backup, follow the same backup procedure as for any other virtual machine.

If the agent configuration is done on the client side (on the agents) and if the agent nodes are used only for VMware Aria Operations for Logs agent software installation, making a backup of the agent configuration file is sufficient.


Verify that the agent configuration is on the VMware Aria Operations for Logs server side.


  1. Backup the liagent.ini file.
  2. Replace the file on the recovered agent or Linux or Windows machine with the backup file.