A Cloud Native Collector is a Docker container that can be installed on any cloud VM. It provides log aggregation and configuration management, and can be configured to forward logs to VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS). While configuring a Cloud Native Collector, you must stay at or below the supported maximums for HTTP and syslog requests.

Note: The default configuration for Cloud Native Collector is 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM. For a higher throughput, you can contact customer support to modify the resource limits.

If your Cloud Native Collector is running on an AWS or Azure VM instance, the following resource limits are applicable.

Cloud Native Collector Configuration Maximum Number of Log Filter Rules with Filter at Source Non-SSL Values SSL Values
Maximums for HTTP Requests Maximums for Syslog TCP Requests Maximums for HTTP Requests Maximums for Syslog TCP Requests
1 CPU; 1 GB memory 5

7000 requests per second

or 26 MBps

38,500 requests per second

or 15 MBps

3500 messages per second

or 9 MBps

20,000 messages per second

or 8 MBps

2 CPUs; 4 GB memory 10

12,000 requests per second

or 50 MBps

62,000 requests per second

or 23 MBps

10,000 messages per second

or 40 MBps

35,000 messages per second

or 14 MBps

4 CPUs; 8 GB memory 20

22,000 requests per second

or 90 MBps

118,000 requests per second

or 47 MBps

19,000 messages per second

or 82 MBps

75,000 messages per second

or 32 MBps

8 CPUs; 16 GB memory 30

36,500 requests per second

or 145 MBps

200,000 requests per second

or 85 MBps

310,000 messages per second

or 126 MBps

137,000 messages per second

or 60 MBps

  • These resource limits are certified on the following AWS and Azure VM instance types.
    Instance Property Value for AWS Instance Value for Azure Instance
    Instance type m5.4xlarge Standard_D16_v3
    Network bandwidth Up to 10 GBps 8 GBps
    vCPUs 16 16
    Memory 64 GiB 64 GiB
  • If you activate log filter rules with filter at source enabled, you might observe up to a 30% drop in throughput. For example, if you are using a non-SSL 1 CPU and 1 GB memory configuration, VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS) suppports 7000 requests per second or 26 MBps. For this configuration, activating up to 5 log filter rules results in a 30% drop in throughput, which translates to 5000 requests per second or 18 MBps. In this situation, you can upgrade your configuration to maintain the throughput.