To find the root cause of an abnormality or issue, you can start a troubleshooting incident when you see any abnormality or problems against an entity in VMware Aria Operations for Networks. Troubleshooting incidents are also useful to visualize or analyze the dependencies for any entity.

Note: You can also lunch a troubleshooting incident from Ensemble. From Ensemble, click Troubleshoot button for the entity you want to start a troubleshooting incident. Ensemble is specifically designed to discover, curate, and manage applications. For more information, see the Using and Managing VMware Ensemble.


  1. From the left navigation pane, select Troubleshoot > Start New Incident.
    You see the Start Troubleshooting window.
  2. From the Scope drop-down menu, select the entity you want to troubleshoot.
  3. From the Time Range drop-down menu, select a Preset time range or set a Custom time range.
  4. In the Incident Name text box, enter a name for the incident..
    Based on your scope selection, the system automatically generates an incident name. But you can change or update the automatically generated incident name as per your requirement.
  5. Click Start New.
    When you select a scope, you see last 20 incidents that are recently modified and related to your selected scope at the bottom of the window.
  6. (Optional) To open an in-progress incident, click the incident you want to view.


A new Troubleshoot tab opens on your browser.