In VMware Aria Operations for Networks, you can add additional disk space to a VMware Aria Operations for Networks Collector node.

If the disk usage on the Collector are high, adding more disk space helps you prevent any unwanted service interruption.
Note: Do not expand the existing disks available in the VM. You must always add a new disk in the VM.
Note: Do not reboot any VMs until VMware Aria Operations for Networks detects the new disk and the new disk space is added in the /var partition.


Ensure that the nodes are in the power-on state, and you have the correct privileges.


  1. Log in to VMware vCenter using the web client with correct privileges.
  2. Right-click the VM, and click Edit Settings.
  3. Add a disk of required size.
    A cron job runs every 5 minutes and checks for any new disks added to the VM, then automatically expands the required partition.

What to do next

Wait for 10-15 minutes for VMware Aria Operations for Networks to detect the disk, and then check and ensure that the additional disk size is visible in the /var partition.

In case troubleshooting is required, the cron job script location is: /home/ubuntu/build-target/common-utils/cron.5m/ You can find the related log file at /home/ubuntu/logs/disk_util.log.