VMware Aria Operations for Networks collects VMware NSX-T management node metrics to monitor the performance of VMware NSX-T management nodes and troubleshoot issues, if any.

Metric Name Metric API Name Description
CPU Usage (%) sys.loadFifteenMinutes.rate.latest.percent Percentage of CPU used out of its total capacity in the time interval.
Fifteen Minute Load Average sys.loadFifteenMinutes.absolute.maximum.number Average system load over an interval of fifteen minutes.
Five Minute Load Average sys.loadFiveMinutes.absolute.maximum.number Average system load over a period of five minutes.
Memory Cache mem.cache.absolute.latest.kiloBytes Total memory used by the system for disk caching in the time interval.
Memory Usage mem.usage.absolute.latest.kiloBytes Total amount of memory used by the system, including swap memory, in the time interval.
Memory Usage Rate (%) mem.usage.absolute.latest.percent Average percentage of the memory used, including swap memory, out of the total available memory.
One Minute Load Average sys.loadOneMinute.absolute.maximum.number Average system load in a minute.
Swap Memory Usage mem.swapused.absolute.latest.kiloBytes Amount of swap memory used by the system in the time interval.
System Uptime (ms) sys.uptime.absolute.latest.millisecond Total time elapsed since the last system startup.