VMware Aria Operations for Networks allows you to run a search query and save the query for later use. It also allows you to delete the saved searches.

  • VMware Aria Operations for Networks provides the following default saved searches:
    • All Flows
    • Applications
    • Azure
    • Kubernetes Dashboard
    • Top Trends
    • NSX
  • You cannot save or delete the default saved searches.
  • You cannot save an invalid search query.
  • The saved searches are user specific and the default saved searches are available to all the users.


  1. To save a query, run a search and click the bookmark icon next to the search bar.
    You see the bookmark icon highlighted to ensure that the the query is saved. You can find the search listed under Saved Searches in the left navigation pane. To see all the queries that are saved, click Saved Searches > Manage saved searches.
  2. To delete the saved search, click on the bookmark icon again and click Delete on the confirm action dialog box.
    You can also delete the saved search from the Manage saved searches window.
  3. To delete multiple saved search queries together,
    1. In the left navigation pane, click Saved Searches > Manage saved searches.
    2. Select the queries that you want to delete.
    3. Click the Delete option.
    4. Confirm the delete.