You must set a VMware Aria Operations for Networks instance as a primary instance that will host the Federation page and configure peer instances that will send the data to this primary instance.


To configure the primary instance, you must have the VMware Aria Universal Suite subscription and the administrator privilege.


  1. In the navigation panel on the left of the Homepage, click Settings > Infrastructure and Support.
  2. On the Infrastructure and Support page, Select the Federation tab.
  3. Click Configure to add the primary instance details.
    In the Configure Instance page, do the following:
    1. Mode: select the mode as Primary
    2. Nickname: Enter a nick name
    3. Location: Search by the city name or zip code and select the city to add it as the location
  4. Click Submit.
  5. In the Federation page, Click Add Peer and copy the contents of the shared secret.
    You will require this while configuring a peer instance of VMware Aria Operations for Networks.

What to do next

Configure peer instances which will send data to the primary instance.