You can perform scoping of container entities and view the flow information in VMware Aria Operations for Networks.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition and Kubernetes Flow Information

VMware Aria Operations for Networks supports the following flow types for Kubernetes entities.
  • VM to Kubernetes Pod
  • Kubernetes Pod to Pod
  • Destination is Kubernetes Pod
  • Source is Kubernetes Pod
You can use these flow types to search for a particular Kubernetes entities.

For example, flows where flow type = x where x is one of the flow types

VMware Aria Operations for Networks can provide flow information such as metrics, time-series and relations for all entities, which includes the container source and destination details and its entities details.

Also, you can view the top talkers by Kubernetes Cluster, Namespace, Service and Node on the Flow Analytics Dashboard.

Planning and Micro-segmentation of Kubernetes Entities

You can plan for a specific Kubernetes entity type by selecting Kubernetes Cluster, Kubernetes Service, Kubernetes Namespace, or Kubernetes Node as the scope and Micro-Segments in the Plan Security page. Also, you can plan or analyze data for the application and define grouping based on Kubernetes entities to view the application flow information.

Also, you can export the recommended firewall rules related to Kubernetes entities in the YAML format from Micro-Segments in the Plan Security page.
Note: You cannot export the application scope in the YAML format if it contains VMs or VM members. If the application contains only container entities, exporting to YAML format is available.