You can create a support bundle that collects diagnostic information such as product-specific logs, configuration files of your setup. When you raise a support request, VMware Technical Support uses this information to troubleshoot your setup issues.


  1. On the Settings page, click Infrastructure and Support > Support.
  2. Select the platform VMs and the collector VMs for which you want to create the support bundle.
    To select all VMs, click the check box in the header of the platform VMs and the collector VMs tables.
  3. Click Create Support Bundle.
  4. Click Yes to confirm creation of a new support bundle.
    VMware Aria Operations for Networks takes some time to complete the creation of the bundle.


A new support bundle is created displaying date and time. To initiate the download of support bundle, click the Download link next to the respective VM.

  • The support bundle creation on a medium sized system can take in excess of fifteen minutes.
  • Only two support bundles can be present at one given time. So, while creating a new one, if there are already two support bundles present, the older one is deleted.

What to do next

Attach the support bundle to your service request for VMware to access the details.