You can add Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a data source in VMware Aria Operations for Networks.

VMware Aria Operations for Networks supports the following features of AWS:
  • EC2
  • VPC
  • Network Interface
  • Subnet
  • Security Group
  • DX Connect
  • VPC Peering
  • VPN Gateway
  • Internet Gateway
You can add the following two types of AWS accounts as a data source.
  • Primary and linked AWS Accounts
  • Standard AWS Account

Primary and Linked AWS Accounts

The primary AWS account (Organization Account or Payer Account) has the organization level access to discover and list all linked AWS accounts in your organization through API calls.

All the AWS accounts in your organization that are added to the primary account are known as Linked Accounts. For more information, see ListAccount.

The primary AWS Account must assume a role over the linked AWS accounts to access and control the resources of the linked AWS account . All the linked AWS Account must trust the primary AWS account through a Role ARN. For more information about roles, see AssumeRole.

When you add a primary AWS account as a data source, all the linked AWS accounts are added as a data source automatically.

Standard AWS Account

A Standard AWS Account doesn’t have primary and linked relationship.