VMware Aria Operations for Networks collects VM network utilization metrics to display the performance of VMs based on network utilization.

VM network utilization metrics track network activity and throughput of VMs. To view these metrics on the user interface, do the following:

  1. Enter VMware VM on the search bar.
  2. On the search result page, select a VM of your choice.
  3. On the respective VM page, select Network Utilization under the Metrics tab.
Metric Name Metric API Name Description Supported by Databus
Rx Packet Per Second net.ppsRx.rate.average.number Average rate at which packets are received per second.
Tx Packet Per Second net.ppsTx.rate.average.number Average rate at which packets are transmitted per second.
Total Packet Per Second net.ppsTotal.rate.average.number Average number of packets received and transmitted per second.
Network Traffic Rate (Kbps) net.usage.rate.average.kiloBitsPerSecond Average rate at which the network is utilized for transmitting and receiving packets across all vNICs (virtual network interface controller) during the interval. Yes
Network Rx Rate (Kbps) net.received.rate.average.kiloBitsPerSecond Average rate at which data is received across the virtual machine's vNIC (virtual network interface controller) during the interval.

This metric represents the bandwidth of the network.

Network Tx Rate (Kbps) net.transmitted.rate.average.kiloBitsPerSecond Maximum network data rate (transmitted and received rates) during the selected duration. Yes

To learn about the retention period of VM network utilization metrics, see Metric Definitions.