In VMware Aria Operations for Networks, you can merge multiple discovered applications into one or more applications. You can merge applications if VMware Aria Operations for Networks discovers an application as multiple smaller applications.


Ensure you have already discovered applications in VMware Aria Operations for Networks.


  1. In the Discover tab, from the applications list table, select the applications that you want to merge, and click ACTIONS > Merge & Save.
  2. In the Merge & Save Applications window, in the Application Name text box, provide a unique name for the application.
    In this page, you can see the application summary which includes the number of tiers, VMs, physical IPs, and services. Also, you see the name of the applications that you are merging.
  3. Review the Tier / Deployment details. If needed, you can rename the tiers.
    The application tiers are created based on the number of tiers available in the original applications that you are merging. For example, if you are merging two applications which have one tier each, then in the Merge & Save Applications window, you see two tiers. And the system creates a default name for tiers by combining the original application name and tier name. For example, if you are merging two applications, named: App1 and App2, and each of the application consists of one tier, named t1 and t2 respectively. The in the merged application, you see two tiers, named App1_t1 and App2_t2.
  4. Deselect the Enable Application Aware Network Health Intents check box if you do not want to receive intent based alerts for this application.
    By default, this check box is selected.
  5. (Optional) To preview the flow analysis, click Update view in the Preview Micro-Segments widget.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To exit the Merge & Save Applications window, click Cancel.