You can analyze price metrics for your infrastructure. The Total Price metric is based on the pricing policy defined by the user. You can use lists and compare pricing between selected objects types.

How Price Analysis Helps

Some use cases for price analysis are as follows:
  • Typically, when your IT teams want the system to do the metering, but want to charge the application teams using their own Business or Pricing model, they can setup their own rate cards in VMware Aria Operations and in turn use chargeback reports as a billing mechanism for the users to help them understand what they are being charged for.
  • Service providers as well as organizations following a chargeback model to drive accountability and to help generate usage/allocation based bills for their application teams or cost centers.
  • Chargeback helps IT teams to drive behavior that is better achieved when there is a cost associated with the provisioned resources.

Metrics and Objects You Can Run Price Analysis For

Objects for Price Metrics (Total Price):
  • vCenter (all objects that have Price: VM and Cluster)
  • vCloud Director (all key objects that have Price – OrgVdc, Org, vApp, and VM)
  • Horizon (all key objects that have Price – User, Session, VDI Pool, and RDS Farm)
  • Container (Business Apps and Custom Groups)

    Note: For Custom Groups, it is the summary of Total Cost of all VMs under that custom group.

Where You Find Price Analysis

In the left menu, click Plan > Cost. The Cost page opens on the right. Click Cost Analysis from the right side. On the Cost Analysis page, you see the Price tile. Click Analyse on the Price tile to create an analysis. For more information about creating an analysis, see New or Edit Cost Analysis.