To access VMware Aria Automation instance and troubleshoot automation issues using VMware Aria Operations , you must configure the VMware Aria Automation adapter in VMware Aria Operations .


  • Verify that you know the FQDN/IP address, user name, and password of the VMware Aria Automation instance you have installed.
  • Ensure that the VMware Aria Automation user has both organizational owner and Cloud Assembly administrator permissions.
  • When you use a domain account for configuration, you must specify the username to validate your authentication. If you try to validate using the <domain>\<username> and <username>@<domain> formats the authentication might not work.
  • vRealize Operations 8.2 or later supports one-to-one integrations with VMware Aria Automation, you can integrate one instance of vRealize Operations 8.2 or later with one instance of VMware Aria Automation.
  • VMware Aria Automation or later supports one-to-many integration with vRealize Operations 8.2 or later, you integrate more than one vRealize Operations 8.x instance with one VMware Aria Automation end point.
  • To know more about integration between VMware Aria Automation andVMware Aria Operations, refer to the section Integrating with VMware Aria Operations in VMware Aria Automation Product Documentation.


  1. From the left menu, select Data Sources and click Integrations.
  2. From the Accounts tab in the Integrations page, click Add Account and then select the VMware VMware Aria Automation card. You can also activate the management pack from the Repository tab, where you will find the card in the Available Integrations section. After the management pack is activated, click Add Account.
  3. In the VMware Aria Automation page, enter the FQDN or IP address of the VMware Aria Automation instance to which you want to connect.
  4. Set Auto Discovery to true.
  5. To add credentials, click the plus sign.
    1. In the Credential name text box, enter the name by which you are identifying the configured credentials.
    2. Enter the user name and password for the VMware VMware Aria Automation instance.
    3. Click OK.
      You have configured credentials to connect to a VMware VMware Aria Automation instance.
  6. From the Collectors/Groups drop-down menu, select the collector group.
  7. Click Validate Connection to verify that the connection is successful.
  8. Review and accept the Server certificate.
  9. Click Advanced Settings.
  10. From the User Count drop-down menu, select the number of user resources to be imported from VMware Aria Automation.
    The User Count options are 20, 100, 200, 300, 400, and All Users.
  11. Click Save to save the adapter instance.


After integrating the VMware Aria Automation adapter instance with VMware Aria Operations , you can view the VMware Aria Automation adapter data from the VMware Aria Operations dashboard.