Use the VMware Infrastructure Health account to monitor the health of the VMware cloud management plane accounts including VMware Cloud Foundation.


The VMware Infrastructure Health is not activated by default. You can activate it from the Data Sources > Integrations > Repository page. Upon activation, VMware Infrastructure Health accounts are created for each collector and cloud proxy) by default. You can edit the VMware Infrastructure Health accounts or add a new one.


  1. From the left menu, click Data Sources > Integrations.
  2. On the Accounts tab, expand VMware Infrastructure Health and click the VMware Infrastructure Health Adapter you want to edit.
    The Accounts Type page opens.
  3. Enter a display name and description for the VMware Infrastructure Health account.
    • Name. Edit the name of the account.
    • Description. Enter any additional information that helps you manage your instances.
  4. Determine which VMware Aria Operations collector or cloud proxy is used to manage the VMware Infrastructure Health account.
    Note: When you activate VMware Infrastructure Health, an account is created for each existing collector or cloud proxy in VMware Aria Operations. If you add a new collector or cloud proxy, you must add a new VMware Infrastructure Health account and assign it to the new collector or cloud proxy to get the monitoring details of cloud accounts running on the new collector or cloud proxy. For more information on how to add accounts, see Adding Accounts.
  5. Click Validate Connection to validate the connection.
  6. (Optional) Click Advanced Settings and enter a number for vCenter Backup Job Objects Retention Period (in Days) to set the period (in days) that the vCenter backup job objects are retained.
  7. Click Save.
    The updates made to the VMware Infrastructure Health account are saved.