You can verify if your adapter instance can retrieve information from the NSX-T objects in your inventory.

To view the object types, from the left menu, click Environment > Inventory > Adapter Instances > NSX-T Adapter Instance, and then click the user-created instance.

Table 1. Object Types that NSX-T Discovers
Object Type Description
NSX-T Adapter Instance The VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for NSX-T instance.
Logical Switch Logical segments in the NSX-T environment.
Logical Switches Group of the logical segments.
Firewall Section Firewall sections in the NSX-T environment.
Firewall Sections Group of firewall sections.
Logical Router Logical routers in the NSX-T environment.
Logical Routers Group of tier-0 and tier-1 logical routers.
Tier-0 Routers Group of tier-0 logical routers.
Tier-1 Routers Group of tier-1 logical routers.
Group Groups in the NSX-T environment.
Management Groups Group of management groups in the NSX-T environment.
Compute Groups Group of compute groups in the NSX-T environment.
Groups Group of both management and compute groups.


  1. In the menu, click Environment > Inventory, and then click Adapter Instances > NSX-T Adapter Instance.
  2. Select the adapter instance name to display the list of objects discovered by your adapter instance.
  3. Slide the display bar to the right to view the object status.
    Object Status Description
    Collection State If green, the object is connected.
    Collection Status If green, the adapter is retrieving data from the object.
  4. Deselect the adapter instance name and expand the Object Types tag.
    Each Object Type name appears with the number of objects of that type in your environment.