Several out-of-the-box alerts have been deactivated to enhance your alert experience and reduce alert noise in your environment. The alerts that are triggered for these deactivated alerts are auto-cancelled and as a result, you may experience a dip in the number of alerts triggered. However, you can still activate these alerts in specific policies.

Perform the following steps to activate the deactivated alerts:


The reason for deactivating these alerts is that there could be an overwhelming number of alerts when alerts are turned on for all objects, making it difficult to identify the ones that need immediate attention. It is recommended to exercise caution while activating the deactivated alerts for applicable policies.

Read the KB article, KB 91410 to know the list of deactivated alerts.


  1. From the left menu, click Configure > Policies > Policy Definition, and select the required policy.
  2. In the right pane, click Edit Policy, and then select the Alerts and Symptoms tile.
  3. Go to Filters and enter the name of the deactivated alert, and click Apply. You can refer to the KB article, KB 91410 for the list of deactivated alerts.
  4. Select Activated from the State drop-down list or click Actions > State > Activated.
  5. Click Save.
    Note: You can also activate all the deactivated alerts at once. To do this, filter the alerts by Deactivated State, click on the Select All option, and from the Actions drop-down list, click State > Activated.
    Note: You can also activate the deactivated alerts by creating a separate policy, adding custom groups in that policy, and activating the alert definitions in the required policy. By doing this, the deactivated alerts are activated in the user-defined policy and will apply to the objects in the custom group. For more details on custom groups, see Managing Custom Object Groups in VMware Aria Operations.


The deactivated alerts are now active.