With the VMware Aria Operations management pack, you can monitor deployments made to public cloud endpoints such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. You can monitor the performance, health, utilization, and availability attributes of deployments made to public cloud endpoints.

This integration supports the VMware Aria Operations management packs for public clouds – MP for AWS, GCP, and Azure. Hence, the public cloud MPs are a prerequisite for this enhancement.

VMware Aria Operations will display the VMware Aria Automation deployed by public cloud resources as long as the same resources are also monitored by VMware Aria Operations for the respective public cloud MP.

This enhancement also shows all the cloud accounts and cloud zones that are part of public cloud end points.
Note: To monitor the VMware Aria Automation resources deployed to AWS, GCP, and Azure, you must ensure that the cloud accounts are configured in both VMware Aria Automation and VMware Aria Operations.

Import Account Functionality

Users may import AWS, Azure, and vCenter accounts automatically through the Import Account option. However, for the GCP account you should manually add the cloud account through Add Account option. The credential used to configure the adapter must match the one used in VMware Aria Automation. The traversal specification of VMware Aria Automation has been enhanced to include details about AWS, Azure, and GCP accounts.