The VMware Aria Operations extends operational management capabilities to Cloud Automation Services Management Pack, using VMware Aria Operations you can retrieve cloud accounts, cloud zones, projects, blueprints, deployment, and virtual machines associated with VMware Aria Automation.

Using the VMware Aria Automation Management Pack for Cloud Services you can perform the following tasks in your cloud environment:
  • Integrate VMware Aria Automation Management Pack cloud services with the VMware Aria Operations at the organization level.
  • Integrate VMware Aria Operations specific workload placement engine with vRealize Automation 8.x workload provisioning and management engine for the optimal placement of resources.
  • View Cloud Automation dashboards to monitor and troubleshoot objects in your cloud infrastructure.
  • Verify that the existing cloud accounts from VMware Aria Automation are imported to VMware Aria Operations .
  • View the inventory details of VMware Aria Automation objects discovered in .
  • Retrieve cloud zones defined in VMware Cloud Automation Services (CAS) into VMware Aria Operations .