The Configuring VMware Aria Operations guide describes how to configure and monitor your environment. It shows you how to connect VMware Aria Operations to external data sources and analyze the data collected from them, ensure that users and their supporting infrastructure are in place, configure resources to determine the behavior of your objects, and format the content that appears in VMware Aria Operations.

To help you maintain and expand your VMware Aria Operations installation, this information describes how to manage nodes and clusters, configure NTP, view log files, create support bundles, and add a maintenance schedule. It provides information about license keys and groups, and shows you how to generate a passphrase, review the certificates used for authentication, run the describe process, and perform advanced maintenance functions.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for VMware Aria Operations administrators, virtual infrastructure administrators, and operations engineers who configure, monitor, manage, and maintain the objects in your environment.

For users who want to configure VMware Aria Operations programmatically, the VMware Aria Operations REST API documentation is available in HTML format and is installed with your VMware Aria Operations instance. For example, if the URL of your instance is, the API reference is available from