VMware Cloud bills is the exact value you pay against the VMware Cloud infrastructure through Google Cloud VMware Engine, VMware Cloud on AWS, and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. Currently these bills are available if the seller on record is VMware. Using this analysis you can view, list, and compare the different bills you have received for the given cloud over a period of time

Metrics and Objects You Can Run VMware Cloud Bills Analysis For

Objects for VMware Cloud Bills (Total Component Expense, Outstanding Expense, Monthly Commit Expense, Monthly On demand expense, and Monthly Total Expense):
  • VMware Cloud on AWS (all bill objects)
  • VMware Cloud on Dell EMC (all bill objects)
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine (all bill objects)

Where You Find VMware Bills Analysis

In the left menu, click Plan > Cost. The Cost page opens on the right. Click Cost Analysis from the right side. From the Cost Analysis page, you see the VMware Cloud Bills tile. To analyze your prices, click Analyse on the VMware Cloud Bills tile to create an analysis. For more information about creating an analysis, see New or Edit Cost Analysis.